4th release of LIG-Aikuma

A new version of LIG-Aikuma is available (see Download section).
This version (v3.1.0) is dedicated to the app installed on phone running from Android 6.0 and higher.
It automatically turn on required component permissions requests.
Indeed, LIG-Aikuma needs 4 main component to work fine: Microphone, Storage, Phone and Location.

    • Microphone is used to record speech.
    • Storage is used to select file from phone and store recordings.
    • Phone is used to share files (through Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi or Network).
    • Location is used to point the position of the recordings.

These components must be granted by the user in order the app to be used. They are automatically enabled during the installation process to facilitate its use by an unexperiment user, but it always can be disabled through the app settings (however, it is not recommended since the app will crash and so become unusable).