Bug report

To solve a bug that has been discovered, we need to know exactly where the error occurred, what was done, what data, and so on.
We need a precise and detailed description in order to reproduce the error and correct it quickly and efficiently.
A bug report should contain a lot of information, the more you supply, the better.

Please, fill one report per bug.

  • Go to: Settings > Applications > LIG-Aikuma
  • Go to: Settings > About phone/tablet and look for “Android version”
  • Indicate if it occurs during Recording, Respeaking, Elicitation, etc.
  • Always / Occasionally / Once
  • 1 sentence describing the error
  • e.g. "Feature Request", "System Error", "Serious Bug"
  • NB: "Critical" is used if any of the following happens: Data loss, Corruption, Inability to save work, Certain irreversible operations, Hangs and crashes. "Major" is used when common feature(s) incorrectly/not functioning. "Minor" in other cases.