# LIG-Aikuma app download

All former versions of the app can be downloaded by clicking on the following links (latest stable version is v.3.1.0, from February 2018): LIG-Aikuma–Jul2016.apk ; LIG-Aikuma_v3.1.0_releaseFeb_2018.apk ; LIG-Aikuma_v3.0_releaseApril2018.apk and LIG-AIkuma_v3.0_recompiled2020.apk .

  • From the Android device
    1. In a web browser, type in the url address
    2. A popup window may appear to require you the install confirmation
      You must have authorized the install from other sources than Play Store.
      To do so: -> Settings -> Security tab -> Check the “Unknown sources” button
  • From a computer
    1. Download the application on your computer
    2. Email the application file (LIG-Aikuma.V3.1.0-release.apk) to an account synced on the Android device
    3. On your Android device, open the joined file, an installation popup window should appear

This latest version of the app will be soon downloadable for free on the Google Play Store.

⚠ Important information after downloading the app ⚠

To use LIG-Aikuma, some permissions have to be granted.
LIG-Aikuma uses Microphone to record speech, Phone (typically Bluetooth, Internet or Wi-Fi) to share recorded files, Location to point the position of the recording session, and Storage to select elicitation files (image/text file/video) and store recordings.
In Android version below 6, these four components are granted by users during Lig-Aikuma installation but starting from Android 6, permissions have to be enabled by the user itself after the installation process.
Please, check the Android version of your smartphone. Go to Settings > About phone > Android version.
Version anterior to Android 6.0: authorizations have to be accepted during the installation process. A pop-up is automatically displayed during the installation process. You just have to agree.
Since Android 6.0: authorizations have to be enable after the installation process. To do that, follow these lines: Settings > App > Lig-Aikuma > Permissions and turn on the listed tools.

Old stable versions are available on the LIG Forge : https://forge.imag.fr/frs/?group_id=805

# LIG-Aikuma source code

The source code of the app is available under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).
The project can be forked on https://gricad-gitlab.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr/besaciel/lig-aikuma.

# 2021 Update on LIG-Aikuma source code

A new updated version of the code is available for download here

(this updated version was shared by Connie Tao from google)